Gagagu VR Streamer

Gagagu VR Streamer 1.6

Turns your iOS device into a fully compatible VR device
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1.6.0 (See all)
Streams the content on the iOS devices and transforms them info fully compatible VR glasses. Includes a ton of configuration settings and tweaks and always outputs the content at the highest quality possible. Sends images and videos in the VR format to compatible iOS phones.

VR-Streamer is a Windows server for VR Streamer Server iOS app. With VR-Streamer server, the GVRS opentrack plugin, VR Streamer iOS app, and correspronding VR googles, you can simply dive into virtual reality. The VR-Streamer server serves you the possibillity to stream the image output of windows games (only in windowed mode) to your iPhone.

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